Position Title: Crisis Center Volunteer 

Position Summary:   Serves as the staff member responsible for providing the Lafayette Crisis Center services for all persons requesting assistance by telephone or in person. Requests for service may be for crisis intervention, suicide prevention, rape survivor advocacy, and/or services provided elsewhere. 

Supervisor: Volunteer Coordinator 

Primary Duties:

bulletManage every telephone call and walk-in request for service while on duty.
bulletDocument all information about every call or walk-in request.
bulletAdhere to the Lafayette Crisis Center confidentiality policy.
bulletMaintain and continuously improve knowledge and skills so as to be able to handle crises effectively and/or to avert crises from developing.
bulletParticipate with supervisor in periodic performance evaluation.
bulletConduct activities in accordance with the standards and values of the Crisis Center.


bulletbe at least 18 years old.
bullethave a firm commitment to serving as a volunteer worker at the Lafayette Crisis Center.
bullethave reliable transportation to and from the Lafayette Crisis Center.
bulletbe able to schedule at least thirty-nine shifts of four hours duration during a one year period.
bulletacceptance into and completion of the prescribed training program prior to service.
bulletfamiliarity with personal computers or a willingness to learn to a basic operational level.

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